National Wildlife Refuge Week

Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge … Loved the pontoon tour around the islands and all the educational material as well as the people that help maintain all of this. Thank you for what you do!   Advertisements

Skipping Class

One year ago on October 8, my dad passed away… I just needed to be in a different area and Linda understood. So… Linda (a loyal workshop photographer) and I talked the day before Sunday’s photography workshop and decided to skip class and head up to Homosassa Springs State Park. I would consider this shot to…

Saturday Creativity

My photo of a black bird…. Clipping mask, Ron’s brushes, lens flare, filters, tilt-shift effect.. and this and that. I should of brought the building up more into the birds lower body and adjusted the lens flare.. I am digging the tilt-shift blur though. This will be one of my creative photography workshops in November….

Event Photography

This is the time of year for events… Festivals, Parades, Sports and so much more.  As a business owner or event planner you need great photos to showcase on websites, social media pages, marketing materials and for future use. Green-Fly Media can help… Simple $75 an hour on location Photos uploaded to a private gallery for…

Green-Fly Media is looking for COSPLAYERS!!!

Originally posted on Green-Fly Media:
Green-Fly Media is looking for COSPLAYERS for our third Storybook@ Chinsegut Event. Cosplay characters that are nature related… like Alice in Wonderland, Pocahontas, Robin Hood, Hawk Eye, Captain America, Snow White, Merida and others… Event information EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED However that doesn’t mean we still can’t do a photography…

Photography Exhibit

Join us Sunday Oct 1 at Chinsegut Conservation Center for an exciting photography adventure into the smallest creatures that live in such a big world…Arthropods   Nature is filled with millions of plant and animal species. Some creatures can be easily overlooked, like the group of animals known as arthropods.   Arthropods include all insects…

Chassahowitzka WMA

Early morning at Chassahowitzka WMA…. all I could see was these amazing spider webs, which gave me a different emotion to express through photography.     This is the first time I have ever felt such an emptiness when I was taking photos there. Gallery:

Good Morning Nature Photographers!

Originally posted on Creative Nature Photography:
Three weeks of cancelled workshops including cancelling R • A• W | Real Amazing Wildlife Photography Series this month due to Hurricane Irma has been a total bummer. We love nature, regardless of the natural occurrences that come and we should make the best of it. There is only…

A local drive

Hurricane Irma….. had to cancel three weeks of workshops and two of my R • A• W | Real Amazing Wildlife Photography Series which means no magazine for October and a loss of $$…. but you have to stay positive and keep going. Yesterday was one of those “I have to get out of the house”…

Sci-Fi Inspiration

Do you think insects are sci-fi inspiration?   Just check out the details of this guys armor…. Leafbug’s are just amazing!