Digital Artist:

First.. this is a non-paying contribution.
As most people know I have been writing a story…. Sisters to the end…

Story is here: * warning: story contains strong language and voilence *

Reason I am writing the story is here: in January and April Issue

(Magazine is non profit)

I would like to put part 1-6 in my October issue..

I would be more then happy to ‘gift’ one of my products from Renderosity to those who submit their artwork…

* Please read the story.. have your artwork pertain to the story.. pick out certain paragraphs.. for instances..

Part 6

Baird looks up, half dazed. “My men, Where are my men?” he whispers. The acclaimed daughter walks over to him, kneels before him, and clutches his face with both hands. As she looks eye to eye into Baird, she tilts her head to the right and whispers in his ear. “They are dead”. She pulls her head back to face him eye to eye, she smiles.

* if you would like to use the logo within your artwork.. contact me and I can send you the png.. ;0)

Characters: 1-6
Tara is half Lambent and Half Human.. no visual side effects yet..
Alice’s left arm is robotic
Mistress, the daughter of Queen Myrrah
Mistress acclaimed daughter is one Tara and Alice’s sisters, Jacey
GOW Characters: Marcus, Baird and so forth are the same… Although Dom is now 70 %Lambent and 30% Human.. no appearnce changes in character.
*You can upload your artwork here: by uploading your artwork, you are giving me permission to, if selected, be placed in my magazine. All images are right click protected!

any questions, contact me..

** also.. anyone interested in the paranormal.. I need some help with my magazine Voices to Visions



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