What’s your symbol?

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, everyone is in on the walks, fundraising and marketing! Happy Happy!

But what is so go-happy about Breast Cancer? Why are we not this excited about Lung Cancer, Brain Cancer, Skin Cancer, Aids, Leukemia, Stroke, Heart attacks, Ovarian Cancer, etc…

I wanted to do something to show my support for Tara. Since all this hoopla with the pink ribbons, pink bra, save the ta’tas (what?), Honk if you like boobs! (WTF).. anyway, I wanted to show my support. At work, we were going to do something, get involved in a walk, but apparently that would be too much money from my understanding, so they are letting us wear a pink shirt. Wow, Thanks! And really Thanks, because that made me really think about pink!

Tara is not a big fan of the pink ribbons, WATCH THIS PROGRAM, so I wanted a symbol that connected Tara and myself. Something that makes us happy participating together. And that would be Gears of War. So I created a symbol with the Gears of War Crimson Omen, with the approval of Dana Cowley, Senior PR for Epic Games. She loved it!

So this is our symbol for acknowledging “HER” breast cancer, not Revlon, not Avon, not some other company that paste a ribbon on their merchandise. This is ours. This is our sisterhood and support.

Tara was worried about having the skull in the middle and how people thought of that.. I could care less what others think. This is our thing not theirs.

After the fall out of my work not participating in the walk.. I felt like I have failed her.. There was no way we could raise 2500 by the 20th for this walk. We all couldn’t afford our ideas to raise the money. So I asked her, just her what she wanted me to do… she said, “Give to the Hope Lodge“. The Hope Lodge in Lubbuck, Texas is where Tara stayed during her treatments. Damn, this makes sense. This is personal to her and something I know she would appreciate. So I gathered items on their wish list and adding more in the next couple of days to drop off at the Hope Lodge in Tampa this weekend. And I don’t have to do this only in the so called assigned month for Breast Cancer, I can donate anytime. Keep a box by the door and place items in it and when it gets full, place a Thank  you note from Tara, Debbie and me and drop it off.

I feel really good about this.. first, this is what Tara wanted me to do, not someone else. I know exactly where my donations are going, and it’s more personal. I know what I can do is small, but what is important is this is a request coming from someone I love so dearly and a sister that went through the most horrible experience in her life. She is strong, beautiful and full of life. She doesn’t need a pink ribbon to cover the pain or show support, she needs sunshine on her cloudy days. She needs a laugh on her frustrating afternoons. She needs to know she is beautiful when she looks in the mirror. She needs to know that when ever she wants to vent, we will be there.

So, ask your sister, mother, grandmother or friend what you can do for them, or with them. It will be more personal.

It can be just a lunch date, dinner date or even a breakfast date. Personally, donate items to the Hope Lodge or any other place where they request in their name. Plan a chick day trip or weekend trip. Have a tea party… donate personally to their charity.

Make it personal, not commercial!

This is all just my opinion and my suggestion. You can do what you like. Just remember, You are beautiful!

Being a photographer, I always get inspired by other photographers, and this photographer inspires me, as well as the women in front of the lens.

The Scar Project.



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  1. Alice, Debbie, Tara & Bruce,
    Thank you very much for the wonderful donations you gave to the Mendick Hope Lodge. We truly appreciate your kindness and support. Have a wonderful day.

    Jackie Bula-Colon


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