There was emotion!

Saturday, 10/20/2012

My sister Debbie and brother-n-law, Bruce went to Tampa with me to drop off our donations to the Hope Lodge. This is what Tara wanted me to do for her.. ( )

I walked in the building, and for some reason I felt comfortable. It was like the building atmosphere was full of light and energy of togetherness. I met Christine and Julie that were working at the front desk. These two girls were the sweetest girls I have ever met. So polite and happy. It was a wonderful opener. I told them about Tara and asked them if I could take pictures with them holding my poster I made for Tara. They didn’t hesitate. We took some pictures with Christine outside the building and both of the girls kept the poster. That made me happy!

I kept it cool and held back the emotion that was building inside me until we got into the car and just let it all go. I cried and called Tara to tell her that I love her and that I am so sorry that she is going through this.. She said I am sorry and that she loved me, and what we did today was awesome. She also said this will be so appreciated from everyone there.

Thank you Mom and Dad for your books!

Hello! We took pictures today at Hope Lodge when you dropped off your donations.  Thank you again for you and your sister’s kindness.  I’m sure the residents here will find the items very useful! I wish your sister the best 🙂 Keep the faith! If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact Ms. Jackie Colon.  She’s the administrative assistant at Hope Lodge and she is in charge of any affairs related to the residents.  Thank you again!

We went to have lunch then off to the Comic Con. While we were eating at a four seat table, I said “All we are missing now is Tara” and I point to the empty seat next to me. This was the first Comic Con I have every been to and same with Debbie and Bruce. We were excited. Debbie had her Batman shirt on and Bruce had his Yoda shirt on and I had my sisters Gears shirt on.. We had no problem fitting in.. however, I think while we were there I didn’t see any other Gears.

I am looking around to find something for Tara, I found one thing, a zombie nerd shirt and as I was walking around I asked Debbie, I wonder if they would create a sketch for Tara. Debbie and Bruce walked around with me to find some artists that were doing sketches. We found a whole table. Rob Torres and Amanda Requel jumped in to sketch what I describing. Along with them was Alex. I clicked so fast with him. I love his illustrations and his creativity. It’s like an energy drug. I could talk with him for hours about fiction, the gorier the better! And now I have my subject for my January Issue! This is going to be good.. Talented artists across the board.. can you say awesomeness!

When Rob and Amanda finished their sketches, I just started crying. I saw the illustrations and I was so impressed by how they really brought out the best in what I was describing. Them doing this really meant a lot to me, and I thank them.  I just wish Tara, Austin and Walter were there with us to share these moments.. Some day.



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