Turning 50

Even though I am still like 10 weeks out.. turning 50 has made me think.. HOLY CRAP!
So here is my turning 50 Bucket list… and more to be added!

* make up time with my daughter
* loose 30 lbs
* shoot on the sideline of an NFL game
* bring the league to the best it can be
* vacation with my husband to Ireland
* take my sister Tara to Epic
* sisters vacation to the 10 most haunted places in America: http://dustandshadows.net/
* learn how to ride a motorcycle/dirtbike
* create a wish tree foundation
* donate food/toys/supplies to the SPCA and Humane Society
* more love * more laughter * more sunshine
* be comfortable with me

Wish I could do
* save all the dogs from stupid mean people and those stupid mean people live in a cage for a 10 years.. scratch make that FOREVER!
* save all the wildlife from poachers
* build a water park for dogs
* build a wildlife refugee center
* give enough $ to my little sister so she doesn’t have to worry about anything ever!
* teach the younger generation.. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR LIFE


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