New week

GFM_Weeki Wachee Reserve 09Don and I with Boo, went to the Weeki Wachee Preserve, it was a beautiful day, very therapeutic. It’s so beautiful there, peaceful, and I didn’t even have one desire to bring my camera or take pictures.. I see something that was interesting and I would just walk away, and that is very strange for me.

People really need to go there more often, the hiking is great, walking, biking, nature, photography, so much to do… and it’s all FREE!

I feel I have lost everything. My sentences still come out chopping, can’t hold a conversation for very long. Brain still feels loopy, that is the only way I can describe it. Have no interest to do anything. I have ideas but then they disappear.. for a quick moment I get my creative juices going but as soon as I start to plan them out, all those ideas just evaporate.

I am scared.

I am looking forward to seeing this neurologist, I am hoping that he is more patient/doctor connected than the last one I went too.. he was an ass. Even at the hospital. I understand that you can’t get along with every one you meet, I should of said I didn’t want to see him. I also should of demanded our $200 back from the appointment we had with him. Yes sir, you know you were an ass.

And to those certain people at the ER .. don’t tell people you are intentionally  doing something when they have no control over what they are doing… and the Doctor thank you for the bruise on my chest.

And to the nurses… You were the best! Thank you for not making me feel like I was stupid.



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