Debbie took me out for the day.. and it was a great day…

Trying to focus on more ways to understand what is going on…. so far.. silent seizures symptoms to Tinnitus.. the ringing in the ears is horrible.. HORRIBLE and it’s all the time.. not just a couple of hours ALL THE TIME.. any abstracting noises are extremely frustrating.. so much I want to punch something. But there is no “doctor” diagnostic term of what I have.. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… so I am pretty much still chained to no answers as of yet..

So the goal… BALANCE

get balanced so I can get back to work next week….  get back into my photography and make some $$ so I can pay off all these bills. I think I will be 85 when that happens.. make the playoffs // I can’t miss this..need to be there to support all my brothers//



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