Weeki Wachee Preserve

I don’t understand… The Weeki Wachee Wildlife Preserve is so beautiful, peaceful, full of simple life… Don picks up trash, beer cans, soda cans and trash when we go… and still people dump their trash… and what is wrong with people that clearly can see it says NO SWIMMING and still they do….. You people are making the Preserve tarnished and those people have the lack of respect for nature and it’s habitats..  Do you know what the word Wildlife Preserve means? Preserves are nonprofit land conservation  dedicated to the preservation of natural areas… Find someone else to go if you can’t follow such simple rules to protect what little we have here in Weeki Wachee.

Next time I see someone out there … I will have some words of understanding why you shouldn’t swim and why you need to pick up your trash…

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