Slowly getting back

untitledGame Talk returns for Friday Night Playoffs…

April 10 @ 6:30 pm…. It’s all about the Wildcard….!


Got my speech back.. no broken sentences so happy… and Thank you Chris and Wayne for letting me put Game Talk back on the air! It felt so great! Thank you Joe Neves for being my co-host, you were awesome!

Now only if I can straighten out my arms without them twisting, I will be in great shape. Ringing in the ear still going on.. louder at some points during the day.. still dizzy and when I laugh sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out…. but I am making progress.

There are two people that I know that has been such a strong board to stand on with the league. Wayne Gile and Chris Morant… Wayne is going through his own issues and he can be such a pain in the ass, (and I as well)  but I love him dearly. He can piss me off (and I piss him off) but he can be the most comforting person when you are in that mess of an emotion. I appreciate everything that he has done and has taught me. Chris Morant is the most strongest man I know, to handle so much with his own life and taking on so much for the league, he is one reason why I want to get better so I can do what I can to help him. I need both of these men in my life.

Preserve is open today to drive in.. so going to bring out my 70-200mm and see how I balance.


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