Hollywood Browns take home the Championship Title for Season V

Browns Win
Browns QB Jarris Smith Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Hollywood Browns 10/0 ending the regular season against the North Central Division, had to compete against the Broward County Barracudas on April 18 for the Divisional Championship title, Browns 14-Barracudas 8, and to compete against the new season team Miami Blackhawks, Browns 34-Blackhawks 28 on April 25th for the Conference Championship.

Ravens QB J’Quan Rhymes Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Osceola Ravens second season showed how a team competiveness can thrive and persevere. Having one loss against the Revolution pumped this team up. Ravens faced the Treasure Coast Bengals on April 18 for the Divisional Championship title, Ravens 36- Bengals 26 and traveled to Port Charlotte to compete against another top contender on April 25th for the Conference Championship; the Florida Veterans, which ended in another 10 point difference. Ravens 58 – Veterans 48.

Super Players Bowl..

The last game of the season was the best the UFF of America has seen. Hollywood Browns branded with talent and the Osceola Ravens with emerging perseverance, made the Championship Game the reason why there is this level of football.

The first half was filled with a “No EndZone crossing” mentality on both sides, however the Browns crossed that barrier towards the end of the second quarter leading the Championship Game with six points on the board.

The crowds were continued to cheer on their team, adrenaline was pumping and team hype was in play going into the second half.

Scoreboard going into the third quarter still had Browns at 6 and Ravens at 0, but the Browns broke through the Ravens defense to gain another six points on the board.

With eleven minutes left in the fourth quarter the Browns overtook the Ravens ending the Championship Game at 20-0.

Travis Howard; owner of the Hollywood Browns kept his word on that faithful day during the UFF of America League Meeting in Miami on November 11, 2014. “We are the Champions.”

Would like to thank the following people

My husband, Don Herden- for being a huge supporter
Mike LaDew – riding to Lakeland on his Harley to help video the event
Michelle Scott and her son – helping out with photography
Christopher Giles- for singing the National Anthem and being on Game Talk

And every player, coach, owner and member of the UFF of America ….

Photos and video of the All-Star Conference Championship Event and Super Players Bowl will be uploaded within a couple of days….

Video Mike LaDew handled will be on the UFF of America Website and Youtube
Photography by Alice Mary Herden will be at Green-Fly Media Gallery
Photography by Michelle Scott will be at Fiery Tail Imagery


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