Florida Minor League Football

FMLF HelmetGreen-Fly Media has started a news media outlet for minor league football in the state of Florida. Owner of Green-Fly Media, Alice Mary Herden has volunteered her photography and creative skills for the past three years. She has created the first minor level football magazine and boosted media exposure in a more professional visual way for this level of football. She also has traveled the state of Florida to photograph and interview players and owners as well as hosted the first minor level football talk show called Game Talk.

From being on the sidelines covering games to being on the Board of the UFF of America as Director of Media, she has gained more experience and knowledge about this level of football.

Florida Minor League Football is dedicated to give more media exposure for minor level football (Semi-Pro) teams within the state of Florida provided by Green-Fly Media owner, Alice Mary Herden.

Green-Fly Media owner, Alice Mary Herden, created Florida Minor League Football; Florida’s Media Source for Minor League Football provided by Green-Fly Media,  to give the teams in the state of Florida a more professional source of media attention.

With over fifty teams and more developing in the state of Florida, believe it or not, it’s not a well-known sport within one’s own community. This is where Green-Fly Media is dedicated to help bring that attention to those communities and bring a new direction and outlet for young men everywhere.

There are hundreds of young men to even retired professional athletes that thrive to be on the field, some play for the love of the game and some young men pursue the next level, College. This level of football has the most incredible stories of players that started with nothing and ended up being recruited with a college scholarship playing football. Those are the stories we are determined to have the communities within the state of Florida know about.

With your advertising and/or donations will help us bring those and many more stories to the surface.

For the past three years Alice Mary Herden has educated herself about this level of football, as well as being the only source of media in a league and developing that at her own expense, from traveling expenses to media equipment. She has built an honest reputation with those in this level of football, and feels the need to expand that relationship and her knowledge of media throughout the state of Florida.

By advertising your business on http://floridaminorleaguefootball.com/  will help with travel and other expenses.


Currently we offer two different advertising opportunities:

  • Text Listing for only $15 a month
  • Square Graphic Banner for only $25 a month

Our Magazine will be starting in December of 2015 and advertising opportunities will be available.

To know more about Florida Minor League Football please visit http://floridaminorleaguefootball.com/

If you are interested in advertising on our website or have any questions please feel free to contact:


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alice Mary Herden

Green-Fly Media LLC

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