Now to some photography just means a bunch of photos, a selfie or whatever.. not that big of a deal… Well that is because you are not a photographer.

Photographers are creative people, they thrive on vision, perception and meaning.

Not all photographers are the same.. I love rust, macro, being out of the box and not following other trends in photography. I have my own vision and they way I see the subject. Freedom to express what I see through the lens.

There is so much more than people can understand or relate to what photographers see through their lens. It’s not just “taking pictures”. Sure we can snap a few here and there but the true identity of a photographer is sometimes hidden and  wanting to express their passion and story. But due to pressure, competition, insecurities and so forth, it’s rare.

It’s timing.. being there at the right time at the right place at the right spot in order to get that story in a photograph.~ Road to the Unknown.. ~ Portraits.. angle, expression, emotion. ~Self..~  Thinking best angle, 360 degree walk around, shooting at an angle, on the ground, above, left, right.. etc.. ~Distant Memory.~

It’s not as easy as people think.. Photographers as myself, tend to disillusion themselves from what they really can achieve through the lens. Those photographs that make everyone look, I mean really look at. To understand the meaning of the photo and relate to why it was taken.

I know there are photographers here in Hernando County that are just dying to really express what they see through their lens.. I know I do.


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