A Note!

I, Alice Mary Herden and my business, Green-Fly Media LLC is no longer volunteering with the football league UFF of America. However, I do maintain all rights to all photos and/or video that I or my sister Deborah Chavanne, had taken while in the league. As with Mary Michelle Scott and Mike LaDew and Cheryl (Oddshots).

Please do not ask me to come back to the league (UFF of America) and/or ask me to do something for you free of charge. I have exhausted all my volunteerism as well as any financial freedom to do so.

If you would like hire me.. please email me and we can discuss your project… my hourly rate is a firm $75.

As with the blog that I started, I will post any news or updates etc… when you email me that information to be posted here: http://floridaminorleaguefootball.com/

Thank you and have a great season.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You are worth every penny of that! Your photography is amazing 🙂


  2. Green-Fly says:

    As you as well my friend..


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