Unauthorized Use

Due to the unauthorized use and profit of my photos (UFF and UFFOA), I have set all League Football galleries to private.

When a photographer takes a photo.. they own the copyright period..

  • Unless you obtain legal permission by contact( by contacting the photographer and say…Hey, can I take your photo and do this?) you can not do the following…
    • right click and save as
    • post it in other media outlets, where other people can download it
    • Sell the photos, even if you so call edit them..
    • Edit those photos and say it’s yours

There have been a couple of photographers that have been a victim of this..

You think it’s just a photo.. but it’s not… it’s the TIME and EXPENSE..

Say a photographer charges $50.00 to come out and take some photos of your game..

Game Time.. 3 hours

Editing time… 6 hours…

$50.00 divided by 9.. that’s $5.55 an hour.. Florida Minimum Wage is $8.05 an hour

  • Equipment.. Look up how much it cost for a camera.. lenses and other necessities it is to be a photographer (thousands of dollars)
  • Software.. Look up how much it cost to have photo editing and video editing software (Hundreds of dollars)
  • Travel time ( gas/food/lodging)
  • Editing time.. Holy crap depending how many pictures we take.. it can be HOURS and HOURS.. roughly around 4-8 hours.
  • Yearly Expenses (Domain/Gallery)

Yes we love sports photography.. we love the action and what we can capture, because we love being a photographer. And we have volunteered.. VOLUNTEERED our time and dedication to your team/league and to only be disrespected.

What if this were to happen… Say you have a lawn service.. you mow and trim the home owners yard.. took up to 4 hours.. and it looks super!  I go to the owner of the house and take the $ for what you have done, I wave to you.. and say Nice job! Keep up the good work. Get in my car and drive away. How does that make you feel?

I am not trying to be mean but it’s been happening way to much and we (as photographers) are being taken advantage of because of our generosity.  Just because it’s seen in a public gallery or on a website doesn’t mean you have the permission to do what you want.

If you still don’t understand about copyright infringement  .. I will be more than happy to explain.

Thank you.. Have a great day!


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