Hernando County Photographers:

AliceMaryHerden_Fourth of July_2015 HCPhotographers1
Click here to pay the $10.00 Entry Fee

Hernando County Photographers:
For those that missed the entry date.. can enter up to 8/15/2015! Once you pay the entry fee, you will receive a link to upload your photos to the gallery.  Hernando County Photographers

We also extended the submissions from 5 photos to 10 photos!..

Rules and other information here: Black and White | Street Photography

Month: • August 01|2015 – Midnight August 31|2015

Subject: • Black and White

Theme: • Street Photography

• Close up

o Emotion  Expressions in people or animals

o Detail  Details of the object

• Perception

o Angles  Shoot in angles

o Shadows  Capturing the shadows

• Speed

o Light Trails  Night Time lights

o Action  Capturing those in action

• Still

o Object  Any object

o Nature  All nature

• Depth

o Subject-Distance  Subject of focused is Distant and background is blurred

o Subject-Close  Subject is focused is close and background is blurred

Participants: Hernando County Photographers Group Members only

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alice.. alice@green-flymedia.com or post on our Facebook page!


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