Yet again…


I believe that I am a good hearted person.. I believe that I try to do things for people and give as much as I can and yet again people abuse that kindness…

I have donated a lot of time, $ and even my work to others in good faith… and people just don’t get it.

“It’s just a picture.. what’s the big deal…” While photographers make very little and most of us have more expense than incoming profit to help pay for the upgrades, the equipment need pay off,  for the new lenses, the upgraded software to even studio cost and taxes. While it’s easy for people to snap shot the photo, right click ( if not protected) and post it on Facebook, people don’t realize how many people take that photo from Facebook and download and sell it.

I do contribute to sites where I also find a photo or graphics for my blogs that I can not take myself.

This is a picture of Boo… my photo is being used correctly..

However this is NOT:

This is a photo I took my sisters dog when we were at the beach.. do you think this is fair?

It’s heartbreaking to see someone else make money off of your photos, your time and at your expense. It’s coming to a point that it’s not worth having a gallery and especially not giving anymore.


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