Our Dog… Boo

As I sat in the Vets, tears filling my eyes after they took her back to get a sample of the lump she has on her side, the thought of anything to happen to her just fills my who soul with sadness..

I would whisper in her ear,  I love you.. and I will always be here protect you and keep you safe, Always..

BOO3Bree found us… We went to Howards looking for comic books and noticed there were puppies awaiting adoption. It was just a year after Kassie got her wings and wasn’t really looking for another “love of my life”. So I just turned to one place and stuck my hands down in the cage and said whoever comes to me first, we are going home. All the other puppies went the other way until this little brown puppy staggering to reach my hands.. and she right then and there became the love of my life.

You go through life together.. Mommie and puppy… you trust, love, build and bind that loyalty forever. You “understand” your dog. You know exactly what they are telling you and showing you and barking at you. You understand and you know when something is wrong.. you feel it and you sense it, as well as she understanding me when there is something wrong. My relationship with Boo is different from her Daddie’s. We are more connected, more in tuned with each other. If you are dog mommie, you know what I am talking about.

She is the best dog, loving and beautiful. We will find out what this is later on today…

With all this thinking.. decided to make a Boo List…10628845_719423634760129_3488042064355667447_o

  • Play in the Snow!!
  • Walk up with a football team to do a coin toss
  • Hang out with the Hernando County Police
  • Have a Puppy Bowl
  • Look over a mountain top with Daddie
  • Visit Grandpaw
  • Try to go swimming

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