Going into November!


  • Dawn Marie.. A message that turned into a friendship. Two wonderful strong, creative women I have surrounded myself with. Dawn and Beverly. Having strength not only in you but the women you surround yourself with, and both these ladies have so much talent, creativity, ambition and love, it’s a true comfort.
  • SHAA… There is nothing more super cuter  than seeing young athletic boys in a football uniform. I would love to get more involved in this league for their 2016 season.  GALLERY


  • Cross County…Not sure if this was the first time they did CC at the Preserve but that place is so beautiful. Need to start walking out there again!
  • Swim…traveled to Clearwater. I love swim. But it’s the hardest High School sport to shoot due to not enough space for the photographers to roam freely. It can be very frustrating. GALLERY

Spur of the moment

  • First time I ever did this… pulled the press pass to get a story. Not only I was interested but a couple of other people were as well. One thing I do like going up to people and talking, for me it’s a lot easier to do this approaching as a conversation than an interview. More relaxed on both sides I think.

In the paper.. http://hernandosun.com/hernando_county_photographers_wild_wicked_nights


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