Heart Leaf

Today Don was off today so we took a walk, we love our walks together, talking about everything and anything. We ran across some neighbors in the development with their beautiful family of 4 furry kids. I recently was working on an article about dogs and told Don some stories that people have told me as well as what I read on FB.
These people are **** crap that intentionally harm these animals. They know no fear or hate unless shown and taught. They all are unconditionally loving, bundle of precious happiness. I can’t tell you how many times Bree has comfort me, even when I was sick, puking in the toilet she was by my side.  She greets me at the door and gives me a kiss every time.

As I was talking about this, Don was replying and I am closing my eyes just wondering how can I change this, how can I help, is there more I can do.. then I opened my eyes and saw this one the road.

Heart Leaf
Heart Leaf

Could this be the start of Heart Leaf Rescues?


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