You never realized how fricken awesome a dog is until you witness something so amazing… Earlier this week, Don and I adopted … wait.. let me go back…

Kassie Marie
Kassie Marie

It was almost a year since Kassie got her wings and really not looking for a puppy, just yet. The thought was there, but not ready.

Until we went to the flea market looking for comic books, there were puppy/dog everywhere. I tried to ignore going in, fighting, it’s just not time..than I turned and stuck my hands down in the pen and said whoever comes to me first, goes home with me. While the other puppies went the opposite direction, this little 8 week old pup straggled her way to my hands. It was love.  Now seven years later. Maya Bree has

Maya Bree Herden... photo by Alice Mary Herden
Maya Bree Herden… photo by Alice Mary Herden

been the best dog. I was never a two dog owner… but knowing Bree loved being with Jingles, Harry, Sandy and Blondie, the thought was there. However it wasn’t the right time. Seeing her just lay on her pillow looking at the window while I work hurt me. She was such a good dog, a great friend, a great companion . Right time.. it’s all about right time, knowing and feeling deep inside this is the right time.

Willow and Bree
Willow and Bree

Earlier this week, Don and I adopted … an 8 week old puppy.. her name is Willow Eve Ann Herden… (my mother-in-law insisted that I added her middle name).. It was play time and companionship for Bree.. Willow took to Bree instantly as Bree to her. Willow follows her, and Bree disciplines her when needed.  It’s a perfect match.

Bree sometimes has the tendency to make me get up and go outside… this time she kept on insisting for me to go with her. She wouldn’t let up. So I follow her outside, she turns around to see if I am following her, I said “Show me”, and she leads me to the Oak tree. Well around that Oak tree is mondo grass. Her and Willow jump and play in there, it’s funny Willow just disappears because the mondo grass is tall. Bree  starts sniffing around and I start patting my foot around, and damn! A piece of tree, root or whatever you want to call it was shooting straight up, you would never know it’s there. It was hard enough, that if Willow would jump into the mondo grass that would really.. I don’t even want to think about it. So I got the clippers and cut that away and searched through the mondo grass and found one more. After that, Bree was happy.

Dogs… when we give dogs love, loyalty, unconditional love, happiness, laughter, hugs, kisses, snacks, protection, LIFE.. they give that to us in return.


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