Life is a path

prettyThe people that are in your life; friends, family and even acquaintance can suddenly end with an empty silence. Some  really work hard not only in life but within themselves because they can’t accept what is around them, so they do find ways to change. First is to find ways to make themselves happy and content as well as find ways to give back in the process.

Life is a path, sometimes those paths are long and full of adventure, as well as trials of fear and emotional tribulations. But the overall life meaning is to be happy in whatever you do. To live life in content and surrounded by the life you make it to be. It’s a 360 simplicity.. Live | Love | Laugh… You live to love, you love to laugh and you laugh to live.

There is no past in tomorrow, only greater things that you can do.

Kelly, you did just that. You found your tomorrow and made everyday a life lived.  Your path has ended here, but your spirit has a much brighter journey.

I love you.


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