Cable out!

Well our cable has been out since 4 o’clock yesterday. We have no internet service. We have no phone service. And we have no TV. There are good things about this and they are bad things about this. The bad thing is that if we are going through this, that are going through the same situations that do not have cell phones. With having the cable bundled with the phone line this makes it extremely extremely dangerous for people that do not have cell phones. So how are they supposed to contact somebody in case there is an emergency. I was told by the brighthouse clerk that there is an option that Bright House offers for you to have  an backup modem.. that is ridiculous I feel I think that be an option and included especially for the senior citizens and people that cannot afford to have phones. And for the good part about this my husband and I set at the dinner table for the first time in years and sat on the couch and talked it was awesome.


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