Cleaning up Bayport Park

WOW.. It seemed never ending for my husband and I. Filled up four trash bags and then some.. yet we still didn’t get all of it.

You really think a lot.. I mean ALOT when you take just a couple of hours to pick crap up.. how dirty and uncaring some people can be.  There were so many beer bottles, so many plastic bottles, Styrofoam, shoes, plastic.. ugh!

And what also really got me frustrated, was that the wildlife has to readapt, restructure their habitat and learn how to survive because of the crap us humans do and the fact that 20 – 30 years from now when archeologist  revisit Bayport or any other place, (if earth is still here) they will find how polluted and uncaring we were, and that is a sad memory.

All everyone has to do is not litter and recycle.. how hard is that?

I wanted to say how proud I am of my husband.. and he is the best Litter Marshall there is around!


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