Halloween 2016

Super excited for our second year participation for Halloween this year at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park.

We have our own spot during Halloween and Christmas and last year was such a blast. Really want to make this event as well as our Christmas event there exciting for the kids.

Have a lot to do to get ready… need to buy and build props. We are having a fundraising event to help raise the funds to buy materials to build these props.

If you like to donate.. please visit Donate

Transparency: Expense Reports

Alice flyer 12016 Halloween List


  • Alice
  • Witch
  • MadHatter
  • Oz


  • Big cards
  • Door
  • Frames
  • Clock
  • Keys
  • Table
    • o Tablecloth
    • o Tea set
    • o Accessories
    • o Chairs
  • Chess Set
  • Flamingos
  • Spiral light
  • Curtain Lights
  • Wall
  • Emerald City
  • Trees
  • Hearts


  • Frames (HCP Members Purchase)
  • Posters (HCP Members Purchase)
  • Invitations to vote


  • Coloring Pages (Dan Duford)
  • Cookies
  • Tea from Magnolia


  • Tornado
  • Wall 7 x10 ? – wallpaper peeled etc…
  • 2 Circle Pedestals 10×10
  • Hour Glass
  • Emerald City (PVC PIPES)
  • Yellow brick road
  • Mushrooms
    • o Got the spools, thank you City Electric Supply!



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