Oz Bubbles

As a creative photographer, I am always thinking of new ways bring photos to a new perception.

While playing bubbles with my dogs, Willow and Bree, this early morning I noticed that the some of the bubbles didn’t burst when they hit the ground.. the grass was wet so that made a softer landing.. well that’s what I came up with.

So first instinct grab my macro…. so here this morning Oz Bubbles was born.

What would be super cool if during a fun photo shoot with some kids.. is to have them sitting or playing in the distant. The only kids I have are my pups.. and I attempted to try to take some pictures before Willow busted all the bubbles.

Get up early in the morning.. set your camera ( I used a Canon macro 50mm @ AV | 2.8 | iso @ 640)

Would love to see some of your shots!

Have fun!


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