Grandfathers Footsteps

My grandfather Amos died in 1950, I was born 14 years later. I wish I had the opportunity to have met him. I know that he would of taught me so much as well had so much fun finding rocks.

I don’t remember when the last time I visited the Caverns, and that is sad. As we get older we forget what our past was and how things used to be. I regret that I didn’t retain this part of my grandparents life.

Going back there over the past weekend I realized how important that connection is.
I am at a standstill… knowing that I am not at the place where I need to be… there is something grander, more rewarding, more challenging.

Could this connection that I made at the Caverns telling me to follow my instincts, just like my grandfather did?


I love Winchester… I love the scenery, openness of life… the history!

Dad, Mom, and my grandparents.. Thank you and I love you! ..




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