Manatees @ Linda Pedersen Park

Linda Pedersen Park, just off of Shoal Line Blvd is a great little preserve to visit.


During our visit there were at least a dozen manatees…. linda-pederson-park_manatees_-hurt-by-propellorsThis young manatee was unfortunate to  be hurt by what seems to be wounds from a boat propeller..

Linda Pederson Park_ Leather Fern_New Growth.jpg

Beautiful Leather Ferns grow through the marsh in the preserve.

Many people do visit Linda Pedersen Park, great spot to picnic and fish.. however.. still there are those that need to learn about the “Leave no Trace“…leave-no-trace

See more photos here: Green-Fly Media | Photos by Alice Mary Herden

Linda Pedersen Park is   64.8 acres is part of the Hernando County Parks and Recreation as well as Environmentally Sensitive Lands. Parks and Recreation maintains the park and the ESL maintains the natural areas.

More information can be found here: Environmentally Sensitive Lands




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