Annutteliga Hammock

What a hike…. and what a beautiful place nested off of Centralia Road in Weeki Wachee.Annutteliga Hammock 14.jpg

This is a great 8 mile hike… Beautiful Oaks and Pine trees.. the only downfall to this preserve is the soft sand. It’s great for the horses but to hike it’s really ruff. SOFT DIRT.jpg

I am sad to say we didn’t trek the whole area.. which is good, gives us a reason to revisit!
If you plan to visit… I suggest to map yourself out..
Visit to review the map. Stay in the inside, if all possible, off the property boundary… that is where the soft sand is.

As far as photography… this is an awesome place for taking some photos of pine and oak trees… photos of leaves and branches as well as landscape..

Annutteliga Hammock 8.jpg

Just have fun.. and please “LEAVE NO TRACE”…this is home to a lot of wildlife, they don’t bring trash in your yard do they, so don’t leave any in theirs!

Annutteliga Hammock 20.jpg

Photos by Alice Mary Herden | Green-Fly Media.
Want to learn more about creative nature photography… follow me here:


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