Today starts now!

For some of us 2016 had been a good year and for others it was a really bad year….

At the end of 365th day starting January 1 we have an opportunity to start over. That the past year is gone including everything bad or good… Now it’s time to learn from 2016 and grow in 2017

I personally have learned how people are and today I stopped trying to figure out why they are like that. I have a choice to accept or not accept… Some I do and Some I don’t.


  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Make a realistic Goal
  3. Make things happen
  4. Be YOU!
  5. Get outdoors and discover nature
  6. Volunteer for at least one program/project/organization
  7. Stay away from negative and toxic people
  8. Stay away from people that are “only for themselves”
  9. Feel comfortable with yourself, a healthy change if you are not
  10. Learn more about your family….. if there is not a relationship… refer to #7 and #8
    1. I wish I asked how my mom and dad meet
    2. I never heard stories about my dad’s life playing football
    3. I never heard stories about my mom as a ballerina
    4. I never heard about their college life
    5. Never really knew anything about their parents
  11. Less of the want and more of the NEED
  12. Be HAPPY

This year is about growth… about healthy choices, positive impact and most importantly


I have my goals on the calendar….start slow and accomplish monthly….

Being Outdoors {Hike a place twice a month} , Photographing Nature {Capture Nature at Florida WMA and Preserves}, Meeting new people { Journalism } , Teaching Others {Workshops}… I got this Mom and Dad… I got this.

Mom 8-1926 | 3-2006 Dad 10-1925 | 10-2016 ….I miss you both and will always have you both close to my heart.



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