Gut Feeling and Reality

It was a great day at Chinsegut Conservation Center.. hammering down the details for upcoming workshops and programs… and learning more about birds!

Black-and-white Warbler.jpg

Leaving the center and taking the scenic route back, I see so much. I love capturing wildlife and nature…I just have to teach myself to be comfortable to turn around and take that shot, if I don’t I will never have that opportunity to do it again.

Please note.. photos posted below maybe disturbing for some viewers…

Chassahowitzka is another favorite place I love to go… so while in that area I decided to go check out it. Driving up noticed that the hunting season was closed.. so that made me happy!  Going here there is always something to photograph at Chassahowitzka… it’s never disappointing.


Heading back on Gopher Road towards the entrance I just had this feeling.. thinking I should loop again.. that Chassahowitzka had something for me to see. It was a feeling I just couldn’t shake.

I passed something on the right, like a cooler. I put the car in reverse and checked it out. Got out of my car and saw some “dog” prints… and then I started to get closer and realized to my disbelief and heart break remains of a couple of deer and a hog.. I was horrified.

I understand about hunting.. I do. But I also think most hunters are respectful and have some dignity towards these animals that sacrifice their lives for your enjoyment of hunting. I understand about what hunters don’t use to feed themselves can also be the means of food for wildlife. I get it.. but to walk up to this so fricken close to public viewing is wrong and unethical.

Like myself there are others that visit Chassahowitzka for the total beauty of nature and to photograph wildlife, to hike and bike the trails… but to see this was heartbreaking and to leave gloves and crap like this those people had no respect for life period.

I hope the FWC catches you people… either that or Karma will.

RIP.. you let me know what I was supposed to see.




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