National Nature Photography Day | Photography

Thu Jun 15 | Beginning at 7:30am | Free
National Nature Photography Day | Photography
On this day nature photographers of all levels will join to celebrate Nature through the lens and show our appreciation to those that continue to make these properties enjoyable for the public. Join Nature photographer Alice Mary Herden for a guided hike to explore the wonders of nature at two Chinsegut Wildlife Management Areas, Big Pine and May’s Prairie.

mays prarieStarting the early morning off at 7:30am we will hike along the Longleaf loop (1.2 miles) at Big Pine Tract. Those that would like to meet up later at 10:30am to hike the Nature Center Loop (1.8 miles) (Chinsegut Conservation Center) and cut across the prairie to the cypress boardwalk for photographers to take amazing landscape photos of May’s Prairie.  Photographers may have a chance to photographer birds such as sand hill cranes, ibis and herons flying across the basin.

This is a free event and participants must register. Donations to the center are very much appreciated.

National Nature Photography Day | June 15

Big Pine Tract | Old Crystal River Road | Brooksville FL | 7:30am
Nature Center Loop | 23212 Lake Lindsey Road | Brooksville FL | 10:30am

Please bring water, wear comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes and a hat and of course your camera!

RAW 3_small

Beginning in July & August we are setting out to rediscover our local nature and wildlife areas by introducing to photographers our R • A • W (Real Amazing Wildlife) Series of Photography Adventures. Follow us on for updates!

Creative Nature Photography
Photography | Workshops ———– Wildly Inspiring… by Green-Fly Media LLC

Any questions, please feel free to contact Alice Mary Herden @ 352-232-6092 or Email:


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