Need a better website?

INFO3Are you missing out on something with your small business or need an simple upgrade to your website… Green-Fly Media can help!

Green-Fly Media can create a simple, clean and user friendly website to enhance your small business.

If you are a mom and pop store, car detailer or even run a vegetable stand… Green-Fly Media can help!


Simple & Clean website solution

  • A simple &  easy to manage website
    • Includes Basic Training
  • Variety of Website templates
    • Easy for your customers to navigate
    • Visually appealing
  • 3 Menu tabs
    • Home page
      • post page
    • Business Information Page
    • Contact Page
  • Widgets
    • Side Bar options
    • Footers options
  • Add and Create social media outlets
    • Expand your customer base
  • Photography
    • photos of your business

You don’t have to spend a lot $, have extensive computer knowledge or spend a lot of time to have a great website!

Interested? Email Alice@Green-Fly for more information.




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