At the Pond

Our development has a nice little pond.. first time seeing this little guy… what a cute rabbit!

What is so neat I am also educating my husband..

Halloween pennant dragonfly
Halloween pennant dragonfly.. photo by Alice Mary Herden

Offering these nature photography workshops not only let’s me teach what I love but also educates me in what I love to photograph.

A recent workshop I had was Seeking the Dragonfly… It was an incredible workshop and when we all went out to the basin to seek dragonflies we incorporated what we learned into what we were witnessing. It was so much fun… but most of all we all knew and understood what this was: Photo below

Dragonfly Nymph Exoskeleton
Dragonfly Nymph Exoskeleton photo by Alice Mary Herden

We knew the whole process of the dragonfly and today I got to teach my husband all about dragonflies and damselflies.

This makes me more excited and determined to conduct photography workshops and these series of R • A • W (Real Amazing Wildlife) Nature Photography Hikes..





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