August 2017 Photography Workshops

Photography | A Natures Panosphere Tues Aug 1 | 10am – 1pm | $15 workshop

These creative nature photography workshops are to inspire you to discover nature and motivate you to view photography differently. Participants will step into the panoramic world by photographing areas along the Nature Tract and May’s Prairie. They will learn how to merge images to create a panaosphere in Photoshop!

Join us Tuesday, August 1 for this $15 workshop at Chinsegut Conservation Center from 10am to 1pm to discover nature creatively.


R • A • W Photography Series | Exploring Chassahowitzka Butterflies and Wildflower Fields Thurs Aug 3 | 10am–1pm & Friday Aug 4 | 9am – 12pm | $50 Workshop

Kicking off our R • A• W | Real Amazing Wildlife Photography Series we will be exploring Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area.

Nature Photographers can experience a wide variety of wildlife as well as bring a new photographic inspiration.



Photography | Point & Shoot Photography for Adults Sun Aug 6 | 10am – 1pm | $10 Workshop

Photography | Point & Shoot Photography for Adults

This workshop is designed for those that have a point and shoot camera.

Participants will learn about the preset creative modes, framing your shot, using the flash, light and shadow, focus points and more.

More information on this workshop visit

Photography | Microphotography Tue Aug 8 | 10am – 1pm | $30 Workshop

This photography workshop is the first being held at Chinsegut Conservation Center and an important educational workshop for all ages.

The first hour of this workshop Gina Long, Director at Chinsegut Conservation Center will give a lecture and demonstration on microscopy and how it allows a better understanding of common place items from the world around us.

The next thirty minutes, photographer Alice Mary Herden of Green-Fly Media will discuss the history of Microphotography as well as bring a creative view for photographers to look through their camera through a microscope.

The remaining time participants will learn how to use their camera with a special adapter* to take photos through the microscope.


 Ladies DIY Walking Stick & Social Hour Sun Aug 13| 12pm – 3pm | $20 Workshop

Ladies… If you love to taking walks or going on adventure hikes it’s time to create your own walking/hiking stick!

Join us Sunday August 13th at Chinsegut Conservation Center for a ladies DIY workshop & social hour!

Participates will design their own walking stick with a variety of crafty options like beautiful feathers, Tibetan silver charms, wood beads, and unique pattern designs to fill in with colorful paint and so much more!

Join other hiking enthusiasts, build friendships and surround yourself around nature!

Registration is free for this workshop; fee is paid at the event.

Registration closes midnight on August 9th… register now to reserve your spot!


Photography | Natures Textures Tue Aug 15 |10am – 1pm | $15 Workshop

Nature can bring inspiration to every photographer and textures of nature can easily spark that inspiration. Texture is a valuable part of plants and wildlife, which many of us don’t pay that much attention to.

Did you know that texture photos are used in Digital Media for 3D character creations… like Groot!

We will take three texture photos and create a photo college in Photoshop!

More information on this workshop visit

Nature Kids | Nature Button Art Sun Aug 20 | 10am – 1pm | $20 Workshop

Join the Ladies of the Hernando County Button Club Sunday Aug 20 for a fun Nature Kids craft day.

Kids will learn how to create nature inspired designs with buttons!

This workshop is for Kids aged 8 and up 


Photography | Sunflowers and Bees Tue Aug 22 | 10am – 1pm | $15 Workshop

 Two things that go together are Sunflowers and Bees!

Learn some fun facts about Bees and one of their favorite flowers; the Sunflower during this workshop.

Participants will be photographing sunflowers to create a Vintage Sunflower and Bee graphic design in Photoshop.


R • A • W Photography Series | Cypress Lakes Exploration

Sat Aug 26 10am – 1pm & Sun Aug 27 9am – 12pm | $50 Workshop

We begin at Chinsegut Conservation Center learning about Cypress Lakes Preserve an Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL) property.  Guest Jim King retired director of the ESL program and FWC Volunteer at Chinsegut Conservation Center will discuss some of the plant life we will be photographing.

Nature Photographer and FWC Volunteer at Chinsegut Conservation Center Alice Mary Herden will talk about what to expect and what participants will be photographing during the guided hike at Cypress Lakes Preserve.

More information on this workshop visit

Photography | Nature Herbs and Cyanotype Sat Aug 29 10am – 1pm | $15 Workshop

Cyanotype known as the “Blue Period” and for this workshop we will learn about that part of our photographic history and of course get acquainted with a variety of herbs to create a Typography Illustration!



2017 Fall Nature Photography Exhibit | Small World

1st Annual Fall Exhibit at Chinsegut Conservation Center will showcase photographs of these amazing, unique and inspiring little creatures.

This photography exhibit is to showcase a variety of insects within the Arthropoda family. From beetles to butterflies that live among the longleaf pine sandhills to the hardwood hammocks of Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Areas, these amazing creatures maybe small but hold a valuable purpose to our eco-system and habitats.

Join us Sunday October 1st for an amazing photographic exhibit featuring inspiring photography from talented nature photographers.

2017 Fall Nature Photography Exhibit | Small World- Arthropoda
Sunday October 1 | 10am – 4pm
Chinsegut Conservation Center | Brooksville Florida

Special Guest: Dr. William Lester from University of Florida/IFAS Extension – Hernando County…. Expert in Entomology & Nematology

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