Climbing to the top

R  A W | Real Amazing Wildlife Photography Series kicks off in just 5 days… I am super excited to offer this program and bring photographers closer to nature and wildlife.

There are many important factors to these series

  • for the beginner or experienced photographer to get out into nature
  • to see what beautiful areas are here in Hernando County
  • not to go out and photograph alone
  • to become educated on what lives and blooms in these locations
  • learn about conservation
  • meet other photographers
  • be comfortable and not overwhelmed
  • bring creativity into their photography
  • to photograph nature their way

and many more..

The personal stuff…

I feel I have found where I needed to be… I love teaching these workshops and seeing so much inspiration and creativity the participants show. It’s amazing. I have watched students flourish with their photography. They have become more comfortable and extremely creative.

I know photography workshops can be expensive and that is why I keep my workshops affordable.

With a new roof, brakes and other bills packed onto our debt… purchasing any updated equipment and marketing material for R  A W | Real Amazing Wildlife Photography Series has been crunched.

I thought really hard about do this and just thought I would give it a shot since I have seen a lot of success from others.


Thank you for your time and any support.




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