Something else planned for me?

You figure you walk this path… it’s pretty much a straight path but now and then you get to a crossing point. Do you go straight, do you go left or right? What are you supposed to do?

Things have been happening lately, signs. I never really took notice until I started to pay attention, I mean really paying attention.

One day Linda, a good friend of mine and photo-hiking buddy, traveled to Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. I was interviewing USFWS Fire Management Officer Vic Doig for my final exam in Freelance Writing. (still waiting for my results on that exam)

After my interview, we made choices on what to do and where to go. After all, decisions affect everything that we do, TIMING.

So to better explain this, here’s what happened:

If we didn’t do what when did when we made that choice this would have never happened.

  • We decided to go to check out the boardwalk while we were there to see the Suwannee River.
    • If we didn’t we wouldn’t have seen the Mississippi Kites
  • We decided to go to Goethe
    • I missed the exit and had to drive 10 miles to go back
      If I didn’t miss the exit we would have never run into Julie (my friend from iNaturalist)
  • We decided to go with Julie to find the orchids and milkweeds
    • Which I saw some dude in a red car that really didn’t belong there going down a road that I know his car wouldn’t have made it through. (I still question that)
    • After the orchids and milkweed discovery, we head back to Goethe
  • In Goethe, we head to the boardwalk it started to rain
    • If I didn’t park where I parked we would have never seen the praying mantis and watch it dance in the rain
  • We headed out to the county road, still raining
    • I stopped to move a turtle off the limestone road
    • If we didn’t watch the praying mantis, I wouldn’t have seen the turtle
  • On County road
    • Drove by something that looked like a pinecone
    • Drove by something on the road, it was a turtle, stopped and moved it off the road
    • Went back to see what I saw earlier and it was a turtle, moved it off the road
    • If I didn’t stop to move the turtle on the limestone road I might not have seen these two turtles

So if I didn’t do what I did at that specific time I wouldn’t have been able to save three turtles from possibly getting run over, but the best part we would have missed seeing the praying mantis dance in the rain.

Another incident:

I was scheduled to cover a Friday night football game but someone else took that game so I covered a game at another school.

So if I didn’t go to that other game, I wouldn’t have met those people that I met. One would be a great story to write about and another could lead to an opportunity.

Earlier this month, I applied for a graphic designer position. Great opportunity, full time, great pay and I could still freelance. I even had a second interview. I got the email yesterday that I wasn’t chosen for the job.

What does all this mean… maybe things do happen for a reason. Just finding out what and why that reason is is the hard part.  Meanwhile, focus and do your best where you are at now because paths can change.

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