Something is bothering me, but should I care?

Something is bothering me and I am fighting myself not to care about it. I see this time and time again. Out there on the sideline seeing students with a camera and have no clue what they are doing. I have asked them if anyone taught them about photography and they are like… ummm.. no.

That frustrates me, but should I care? It’s school, they should know right? They, or who teaches that class should know, right? Um by their responses well.. they don’t. But I am only getting information from the students, and well one teacher.

I am willing to come out to any school in Hernando County to teach those students the basics of photography. Teach them how to shoot ALL sports, what to look for and what to not waste their time photographing.  You can reach me at

Alice Mary Herden | 352-232-6092 |

Other news: Trying to get as many freelancing gigs in as possible to get ready to launch Florida Nature Magazine. Still, have a lot to do, legal stuff, but I am at a good start.  Had a great response for contributors and I truly am grateful for those that are willing to share their time and hard work to get this magazine rockin’.

I have the magazine template completed, organized and clean with full or half-page advertising/sponsor pages. Looking at 58 pages for January’s Issue which may turn into 62 by the end of this month.

Have a great rest of the week!



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