Hiding- Stop Hiding

You are working so hard, yet you hide behind someone or something. It could be a number of things, fear, failure, liability, confrontation are some examples. My mom always told me that I had a fear of success. I get to a point of where I worked endlessly to achieve something and I completely shut down. I begin getting anxiety attacks, sleepless nights and millions of ‘what if’s’ and ‘why did I’. It’s exhausting to push past that.

I don’t know why I do this, but it stops now.

When Tammy and I had lunch to go over the content and layout of my Florida Nature Magazine, which was awesome by the way. Got the menu subject content solid, the design and pages flow, color theme, fonts, etc… are good go.

The last time I have been out photographing nature was on 9/11 at Chassahowitzka WMA, also my second home. And what is strange is I feel empty, sad, lonely, unfulfilled. So much that I had to hold back my tears.

The feeling of being out there in nature for me is overwhelming. The beauty, the openness, the air, the scenery. It’s truly amazing how being in nature can make you feel.

To understand all of this I will be giving a presentation and a basic photography workshop this Friday at 6pm for the Tampa Bay Literary Society

WellCome OM Center
4242 Lake in the Woods Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34606

You can register here: Photography Workshop

So what’s the hiding about.. Stop hiding on what you want to do. Get your detailed plan/goals typed on a doc (easy to edit/add/or check off when completed), learn, educate yourself, take courses, ask questions, volunteer (it’s free education to learn about what you want to do), seek legal advice and move forward.

Make things happen

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