– Sports photography – Basketball

AHHHHH.. basketball. I think every sports photographer dreads photographing in these gyms. The white balance is a challenge and to set your shutter speed and ISO to get less noise, you are trying to find that happy medium so there is less time editing.

I happen to like St. Leo’s gym. I love the color tone and background. However, if you are not there all the time you can’t become accustomed to your preferred settings. No photographer is perfect shooting in these uncontrolled environments unless you put the $$ for some strobe lighting.


Sunshine Conference Season Opener at St. Leo University | Alice Mary Herden 

There are so many things you have to consider when photography sports and the most important is the white balance for your camera settings.




Sunshine Conference Season Opener at St. Leo University | Alice Mary Herden 

Another thing is tracking…..I am still working on that. You can read and watch all the videos you can, but nothing is going to get yourself familiarized with your own camera than to do it yourself. Getting to these games early and practice during warm-ups is the key. Know what to change, when and how to change those settings. Once you get that down, minor changes are all you need to do and less time sitting in front of the computer.

Overall I think I did an acceptable job since this is the only second time I have been in this gym.

We can’t forget about the cheerleaders and the girls that clean the court!


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