New year, hopefully, new changes

A new year is only a month away and it’s time to get out and make new and better things happen!

I decided to get re-establish my gallery at Smugmug and be more disciplined at Smugmug, where I will be selling only selected photography prints and downloads. Gallery will include both Nature and Sports photography.


Still working on the Chinsegut Wildlife Day website as well as reaching out to more organizations to offer excellent educational resources and presentations for visitors and also some cool things to do for just about any age. There are still tons of things to do; content, photos, videos. I really want to make this my best work.

Also creating the event handouts, facebook page



Getting things organized for the 2020 ‘Wild Florida’ Photographers Mixer. This was a great turn out last year and looking forward to this year’s event.

Photographers mixer 2.jpg

Event details are here: Mixer

Since this event is on a Saturday from 4pm to 6pm, we will have time to take a little hike and practice photographing in monochrome!

Last but not least…

Possibly new opportunities to make new and better things happen!

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