Just a small break…

Taking just a small break to focus on a couple of upcoming events that I am volunteering in.

Currently, I am designing and co-organizing the annual Chinsegut Wildlife Day that is being held at Chinsegut Conservation Center on March 7th.

Each week I am building up the website and adding new content. My focus is ensuring there are plenty of activities, interests, and educational information available for all ages and to increase the interaction with those that either work or volunteer in or around wildlife as well as involved in conservation.

Chinsegut Wildlife Day

Another event I am participating in is the W.I.S.E event in February, where I will be showcasing some of my nature photography designed explicitly around the event’s programs.

The event also offers a field trip to Chinsegut WEA. Brittany Scharf, UF/IFAS Extension Hernando County, will be guiding the trip, and I will be tagging along with my camera.

Interested in volunteering or becoming a sponsor for Chinsegut Wildlife Day, please feel free to contact me at 352-232-6092 or email alice@green-flymedia.com

Thank you!

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