Florida Master Naturalist Program

Photographing Nature, Creating, Exploring, Researching, and Educating.

Learn what you want/need to know in the areas you love to be surrounded around. The Florida Maters Naturalist Program (FMNP) is just one option I chosen.

It’s is highly unlikely for me to go to college to get a Masters or Bachelors Degree, I am 55 and really do not think it’s wise for me to put us in debt. I am only interested in getting a stable part-time/full-time job doing what I love to do.

I spent three nights and four days in Jacksonville taking my first course, Conservation Science. There were people of all ages taking this course. Some younger than me, some my age and some older than me. They were there for different reasons but the main goal was to LEARN.

Day one indoor first half of the day, outdoor the second half at Austin Cary Forest, which I finally got a photo of a hooded pitcher plant up close! Talked about Prescribed Burn.

Day two at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens – Conservation Measures: Congo Research/Outreach | Protecting Florida Native Orchids

This was fun. Carol, our instructor, paired us up and gave us two specific animals to research. I had the Lowland Gorilla. Of course, I would have gone all out by creating a video presentation, and so forth… but time and being in a motel wasn’t a good fit for creativity

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens 6_Lowland 2
Lowland Gorilla | Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Day Three, indoor during the first half of the day and outdoors. Water | Protecting Land

Just when I thought I got a good handle on knowing what different habitats are called, welcome to Bogey Creek Preserve!

Overall it was a great experience. I learned a lot, which all came piling in my brain this morning between the still want to sleep / time to get up mode. There’s more I can add to this post, but I am saving that for a later time.

Florida Master Naturalist Graduates 2020 | Conservation Science | Jacksonville Florida

If you head down south to Hernando County, let me know and I can take you to some of the best places to explore!

-Carol Wyninger to my left was our instructor, Emily Dunn, North Florida Land Trust took the pic.

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