Using this time wisely

The Environmental Interpretation program offered by FMNP I signed up for was canceled due to this virus outbreak, so I am using this time to teach myself.

I purchased quite a few books on interpretation.

  • Applied Interpretation: Putting Research into Practice
  • Management of Interpretive Sites: Developing Sustainable Operations Through Effective Leadership
  • Interpretive Writing

I thrive and survive by creating, learning and researching. I strongly believe I got that from my grandfather on my mother’s side. My grandfather, Walter Amos was a explorer. He always had his eyes to the ground searching for rocks and other items as well as a heart and passion for new discoveries.

Walter Amos
My grandfather Walter Amos. (Looking at the camera)

I wish I got to know him. I could have learned so much from him and I know we would have been best buddies!

Part of an interpretive job or graphic designer is to be able to relate a specific theme or content to a specific audience.

Recently out at Chassahowitzka WMA, I discovered a plant I have not yet observed before, a yellow butterwort. So I am taking this time to create a few content illustrations about these recent discoveries while learning interpretive writing and applying that through creative graphic designs.


Yellow Butterwort_small
Yellow Butterwort | Illustration by Green-Fly Media – Alice Mary Herden

This not only helps me learn about the text and photo placements, as well as what font to use, what size the font should be and how many styles. In addition, creating color swatches for each project in InDesign. It also helps me learn about how and what I photograph for each subject. Implementing specific photographs in these graphic designs are important in identifying the subject’s uniqueness and to visually intrigue the reader.

I will post more as I create them. Meanwhile, stay safe.


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