I am a self-employed businesswoman. My job as the owner of Green-Fly Media LLC is categorized as a  freelance photographer and creative designer. A majority of my freelance work is contracted as a freelance photographer & correspondent for Hernando County’s community paper, Hernando Sun.

The freelance work I submit to Hernando Sun usually covers high school sports as well as some special interest articles.

Now that all the sporting events are canceled, this leaves me in a little scenario. One is finding articles to write about and two finding other ways to produce an income. !Alone on the road

So instead of being alone on this long empty road, it’s time to pick myself up and use this time effectively.

  • Learning
    • Dedicate a couple of hours learning something
  • Photographing
    • Take the time to observe
  • Interviewing
    • Continue to research before your interview.
  • Writing
    • Step back for a day before submitting or publishing
  • Organizing
    • Organizing by setting goals
  • Calendar
    • Set up my calendar with a variety of freelance work.
  • Cleaning
    • Thoroughly clean a room every week
  • Healthy Eating
    • Eat more fruit and veggies
  • Exercise
    • Keep the blood flowing



Dedicating a couple of hours learning something new, it could be a new wildlife species, plant species. Learn something new in Photoshop, InDesign or AfterEffects. Create a new website, a mock-up magazine… just keep learning!


    Learn to step back and observe the area. See things twice, once with your own eyes and once through the camera. Learn, if possible, to watch behaviors of the subject you are photographing. Bring your chair and sit for a while. Have that time to observe, learn about the subject. Ask yourself questions. For instance…why is it doing that? Why do they have this color or that pattern and research those questions.


    Take the time to research more in-depth, instead of asking the same questions. Find different angles to approach the interviewee and learn more about the person you are interviewing while interviewing them.


    Sometimes I find myself too quick hitting that send button. Make the time to review, review, edit, review, and review.


    Organize my desk, change my office to look like an office. Redesign, hang up your best photography. Bring more inspiration into my workspace.


    My google calendar should be filled every week. Start setting up freelance work to fill those weeks! Set up the calendar specifically with things to do, and set the time frame. Monday – 2am-6am for emails, updates and organizing the calendar.  From 10am-3pm assignments- on location, research,  interviews and article layout…etc. (and when is naptime? )


    Dedicate a day to clean one room in our home each week and clean it thoroughly. Clean the blinds, dust everything, windows clean inside and outside. Get a box and donate things you DON’T NEED and DON’T USE on a weekly or monthly basis.

Healthy Eating

    At my age, I need to include more fruit and vegetables. Fruit as snacks and replace mac and cheese with green beans. (Did I just write that?)


    Promise your body you will walk twice a day! It can be a mile or two, just get out there and walk. Take the hubby and the pups too!

During this time I am grateful for having a couple of friends that have given me story ideas to pitch to the editor of Hernando Sun for approval. I thank you for that. I do have a couple of articles that I will be working on within the next couple of weeks that are not involving the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Good news for moving forward.


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