Looking Under My Wing For Ideas

Freelance work has slowed down tremendously and this may be the best opportunity for freelancers looking for new ideas and creative projects.

  • Re-vamping old projects: How would you do it differently
  • Redefining new projects: Take another look
  • Developing new ideas to keep busy! (Mock-ups)

Project 1

Sports Media-Media Day-small
Sports Media – Media Day for Sports Programs

This project is so important to me. As a freelance sports writer, there are so many times I wish these schools would set up a media day. There is nothing more frustrating than going on MaxPreps and not having a profile photo of the player. There is so much I can offer for these schools. Roster-Programs-Player video introduction and more.

So far I have created a new website and will be working on media examples.


Project 2

Hentz Striped Scorpion
Interpretive Posters

The Environmental Interpretation program was canceled due to the virus outbreak, but just because it was canceled doesn’t mean I still can’t learn on my own. This gets me out of the house and in nature to explore!


Project 3

Sun and Shade | Home-base Wildflower Nursery

After learning so much about Florida’s native wildflowers, this idea did pop in my head last year. We had milkweed (tropical), growing in our little garden last year and started gathering the seeds. Even though it’s not a native wildflower it gave us the opportunity to learn. As one of our native milkweeds (butterfly milkweed) will be ready to seed soon, we will start with that.

I began working on the website, then following up with graphic designs and a logo.


Project 4

Gopher Tortoise Project _ My Burrow - My Space-small
Gopher Tortoise

Keeping my volunteer hours at Chinsegut Conservation Center via Facebook. I am working on some fun creative projects for kids and adults to learn more about Florida’s awesome wildlife!


A majority of my freelance work is with Hernando Sun covering sports. Now that is gone temporarily, drumming up business and thinking of story ideas is a major priority and to keep an income flowing.  I do have some sports-related ideas in the works as well as other article ideas.

Be safe!


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