Keep moving forward

Covering sports was my main source of income freelancing, even though it wasn’t very much (less than $500 a month) but it helped me pay for my own personal bills, such as photography equipment, continuing education, websites, and fuel.

Now high school sports is out for the rest of the year,  I don’t know what’s going to happen over the Summer but I am hoping ‘life’ will get back to our normal.

Until then, work harder and continue educating yourself, right?

The month of May is going to be full!

I have two more special topics that I signed up for with the Florida Master Naturalist Program: Environmental Interpretation and Wildlife Monitoring, and hoping to add the Coastal Systems as well.

The goal is to finish the entire program by the end of the year. I know this will make me more confident to move forward creating a fresh as well as educational nature/wildlife magazine. (Unless I get offered a job that I shouldn’t turn down!)


Florida Magazine

Make things happen!

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