Another dream about ghost..
There were people moving in the house across the street. I was outside in the driveway and told them the house was haunted. There were a lot of people in there looking at the house. They didn’t believe me. I told them there are more houses for sale down the street.
The man came up to me and come over here, and we were standing in front of a window.. He stated doing this exorcism on me… I go really? we are going there? You don’t believe me and I laughed. The some people left and I went inside. There were some girls sitting at a table and I sat down with them. We talked, I can’t remember what we were talking about. They were going to stay the night. One girl gets up and leaves and I asked her what about your Aunt and she said I am not staying in that house because it’s haunted, so I stayed. I was sitting/laying in the corner of this room on a bed, I felt like I was looking thorough this child. I see some knitting hanging up on a bar next to the bed that was against the wall. I see the knitting come off the bar and it looks like someone was knitting a scarf, I am just smiling. She notices me and hops off the bed, I still couldn’t see her. I felt cold and I could feel her push her finger into my cheek. (maybe that was Don trying to stop me from snoring) But I felt it.. I felt the cold. I get up and walk and look around trying to put on some lights, I see cats roaming the house. I looked up and I see this lady. She had a blue tailored dress on, black short fluffed styled hair. I said something. she said I am dressed but she isn’t. She said that she worked at the Tampa Bay times for years. She looks at me and said I know you have questions and you can ask only one question at a time. She proceed to say, you know when you first get up in the morning and your legs touch the ground, I don’t have that… and then a breeze came in the room and she said, Hello (mans name) glad you can join us. I said, well if I have only one question and if I am doing research it would be good to ask questions based on that. I looked at this paper and her name was Lorraine.
I woke up


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