I had a dream, two dreams last night.

First dream:

I was in the station wagon with Mom and Debbie. Eddy Daddy was driving and we were going up this hill in this town. Something happened to the station wagon so we stopped.

We were in this open area with people and we all were sitting down at the table. Eating. We had hotdogs and ham sandwiches. Debbie grabbed the last hotdog, and I said that was for Mom, but I will make her a ham sandwich when she comes back.

Second dream:

I was driving behind this station wagon. The vehicle flips over after running over some artificial turf that was in the center of the road. I stopped and ran over there, calling 911. The station wagon rolled over onto its wheels and the guy was laying on the road. While I was on the phone with 911, he got up. I am saying “Sir, please sit down.” Other people came over.

I am still on the phone, and asking him if he was okay. He was a tall slender man, around his 40’s. Dirt blonde hair, loose style. I see his face so vividly. I see he broke his elbow and collar-bone. I am still on the phone with 911. People were helping him take off his jewelry as the police drove up. One police officer came up to us and the hurt guy said as he put up his hand; “hold on, I am still XX (like comprehending) the fact that I drank my last bottle of beer.” And he turned around and a can of beer was wedged in the back of his neck. I was on the phone and saying, Oh my god, he has a beer can wedged in his neck, and I was crying.

I walked up to him, I asked him if there was anyone I needed to call for him, he said: “I called my brother, Jeremy. He is flying down from New Jersey.

I woke up after that.


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