Segmented Dreams

* we were driving on a highway, Don was driving. We saw a car that must of been in an accident. The car was driven off the road on the left of the street. I could see the red tail lights. I said Don, we have to go back there and help.. Don said shook his head no and he kept on driving.

* Building everywhere, like downtown area. Planes (F-16 style) were flying over us and dropped bombs.. they didn’t explode they just landed pointed down and the tail of the bombs were embedded in the dirt.

* This one was werid…
I don’t remember if I was looking in a knocked out section of a brick box.. but this man came out.. I saw a cross, he was wearing a black robe. He was tall and had grey/white hair. He had kinda like a wand. He said something and I don’t remember if I responded. Then he said, “oh someone else wants to come out”..

* The shoplifter.
I had alot of these dreams before. Just caught someone shoplifting


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