Wow… so on Wednesday the 29 of July 2015…. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Angel MD nurse on the phone told me that Dr. Gonzalez concluded that what I am going through is Psychosomatic

Psychosomatic illnesses are caused by mental and emotional stresses that manifest as physical diseases without biological causes. This includes things like irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomach, muscle aches, tension headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, hyperventilation or panic attacks, colitis and ulcers, and even infertility. The skill with which a person handles stress affects the potential appearance and severity of psychosomatic symptoms.

Before these conditions can be properly diagnosed, tests must be administered to rule out possible physical reasons for the illness. This step is often frustrating for patient and doctor alike, as test after test comes back negative. This has led some physicians to tell their patients that psychosomatic illnesses are “all in their head.” Today, most doctors know better. Though the root may be mental or emotional, the disease and symptoms are very real.

Psychosomatic illnesses are not faked illnesses, but patients often require treatment for the underlying psychological root. Unfortunately, many people with these illnesses resist psychological counseling as a form of treatment, believing this discounts the disease. Though these illnesses respond to drugs, painkillers and other medical help, symptoms are likely to return unless the underlying cause is addressed.

After reading as much as I can tolerate before I get distracted and move onto something else.. it makes sense to me..
I have taught myself once I start to feel these episodes come on I have to rethink my thought pattern.

Actually it is stress related which causes the psychosomatic illness You are not crazy. You are a high strung type person. You are active, productive and helpful. ~Diana my sister

I start to cry and I guess have an anxiety attack or whatever it’s called, where I will just stare and can’t move.
I have to teach myself not to do twenty different things and constantly.. but for me that is being non productive.. I have to always “think” of doing something, creatively.. oh we can do this or that.. that’s a great idea…I can take this and create this.. and always be disappointed at the results because I know that I could have done better. It never comes out the way I vision it.

So after all this.. I wait to find out what the office of Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Angel suggests for me.


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